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Few things match the joy and sense of accomplishment of crossing a finish line. Harbor Strides will help you reach your running goals.

We offer training plans and virtual coaching for amateur runners and walkers for race distances from 5K to ultra-marathons, base-building, recovery and general training. With virtual coaching, you can train anywhere at any time. Harbor Strides provides fully customized training plans for you through an online tool and mobile app. Your coach is available to communicate with by email, phone, video chat, Facebook and text messaging.

Harbor Strides also provides support for corporate race teams and wellness programs. Give your corporate team or wellness program an extra boost with informative seminars at your office or via video chat and training plans for races or  wellness challenges.

It doesn’t matter why you run – self-improvement, competition, stress relief, general fitness, weight loss, camaraderie, fun – any runner or walker can gain something from a knowledgeable, dedicated coach.

Harbor Strides’ services and benefits:

  • Detailed training plans for your abilities and goals
    • Provides structure for your individual training with customized schedules and workouts
    • Incorporates your other activities and interests
  • Direct, regular communication with your coach
    • Offers motivation and support
    • Helps you with accountability for your training
    • Includes pacing and race strategy advice
    • Provides mental training techniques
  • Guidance for rest and recovery
    • Minimizes risk of injury
    • Improves performance
  • Assistance with developing goals and selecting races


For me, running is more than training for and running races. It has changed my life in many positive ways. I’m healthier, more confident and I have made wonderful friends through running.

I didn’t begin running until my mid-thirties. Prior to that, I had only been active for a few short periods of time going to gyms. In 2006, I moved to a new city and had few local friends. I started walking just be active. I began adding running intervals to my walks, and, in March 2008, I ran my first 5K. I loved the feeling of accomplishment the first time I crossed a finish line. After a few 5Ks, I appreciated the challenge of running races and decided to try longer distances.

In August 2008, I joined a running group with the intent to train for one full marathon. I achieved my initial goal of completing a marathon and continued to set new goals for myself. I have since run 197 races, including 20 full marathons and 52 half marathons.

I became a coach to share my love for running and help others reach their goals. I continued to coach and expand my knowledge of training methods and other technical aspects by becoming an RRCA Level I Certified Coach and VDOT O2 Certified Coach.


I believe in training well and running strong to finish happy.
I want to help you achieve your goals and enjoy every minute.

Harbor Strides believes the best way to reach your goals is to start where you are, train with a purpose, and be consistent.  This approach will minimize risk of injury and improve your running performance.

Harbor Strides uses the VDOT O2 online tool and mobile app, an interactive training platform that includes the science and formulas of legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels.  Your coach will download your training plan and both you and your coach will have access to adjust the schedule and paces. VDOT O2 app is another tool that you can use to communicate with your coach.

Finish Happy

Finishing a race is only part of the equation. Your state of mind and the condition of your body is ultimately the most important aspect.


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Training & Coaching


Harbor Strides will prepare a customized training plan to fit your personal schedule and current ability. You will have access to your coach via phone and email during your training cycle.


For those who would like more support beyond a custom training plan, Harbor Strides offers two levels of monthly virtual coaching services that include bi-weekly plan adjustments, telephone, unlimited emails, and text messages.


Do your employees participate in corporate race challenges? Would you like to provide resources to your employees who participate in your wellness program? Harbor Strides offers educational seminars and group schedules to help your teams set and reach their goals.
Not sure what you need? Contact us for a free consultation with Coach Jen.


“Coach Jen is one of the most dedicated coaches in the business. She truly cares about her clients and wants to see them reach their goals. She has great attention to detail and works patiently with you to set achievable goals right for you. Her custom-tailored plans are well thought out and her knowledge is invaluable. I would recommend anyone who wants a personal coach to hire her! She’s awesome!”

Michelle S.

“Many people believe that consistency is a key to success. When I look back across my running journey Coach Jen has been a consistent force in my progress as a runner. She coached me through my initial half marathon where my goal was to just finish happy. From there she helped me set goals, trust the training and achieve personal records in numerous races from 5Ks to marathons. Most importantly, I continue to finish those races happy. Thank you, Coach Jen!”

– Kerry K.

Through Jen’s efforts, with her coaching and passion for running, hundreds of individuals were able to safely train and meet their individual goal, whether it was to complete a half marathon, marathon, or to qualify for Boston.”

– Ray B.


what's said on the long run stays on the long run

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