Corporate Teams and Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are expanding as employers are experiencing tangible benefits with healthier, more productive employees. As road races continue to gain popularity, races are adding corporate challenges which builds camaraderie among co-workers with shared goals and experiences.

Harbor Strides can help your employees improve their running or walking and achieve their goals. We offer running education and advice with seminars at your business or via video chat. Harbor Strides can develop group training plans for specific races or training plans to cover a period of time for wellness program challenges. 

Seminar topics include:

  • Getting started – running or walking or run/walk intervals
  • Safety and hydration
  • Running form and injury prevention
  • Shoes and other gear
  • Nutrition & self-care
  • Purpose of workouts, journaling, pacing
  • Race day strategy, mental preparation, race etiquette & post-race care

Fees are subject to services requested. In-person seminars are generally limited to the Tampa Bay area.

Special discounts available for nonprofit organizations and Federal, state, and local governments and their employees.

Minimum Requirements
Harbor Strides does not require clients to have a minimum fitness level to participate in education seminars. Minimum fitness levels are required for customized training plans. Harbor Strides will use your current fitness level and recent training history to develop a training plan that best meets your current abilities, estimated progression, and goals. Your progress will be determined by your effort to follow your training plan.

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