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Monthly Individual Coaching

From: $65.00 / month

After completing an online questionnaire, you will receive detailed workouts uploaded to your VDOT O2 training calendar. All workouts are customized based on your training history, current fitness and running goals. Once you create an account and your coach uploads your training plan, you will have access to your workouts and can update paces in the future. The VDOT O2 app records and organizing your PRs and recent and future race results.


Benefits for all monthly clients

    • Custom training schedule using the VDOT O2 app
    • Bi-weekly schedule adjustments, weekly when necessary
    • Unlimited emails and text messages
    • One hour of phone time per month, can be divided among multiple calls throughout the month
    • Assistance with programming workouts in Garmin Connect
    • $5 credit for each referral up to $25 cumulative per 6-month period

Minimum Requirements

Harbor Strides does not require clients to have a minimum fitness level to begin monthly coaching services.  Harbor Strides will use your current fitness level and recent training history to develop a training plan that best meets your current abilities, estimated progression, and goals. Your progress will be determined by your effort to follow your training plan. For the best training experience possible, all clients are encouraged to keep their training log in the VDOT O2 app current.

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